Types of Employees

In August 2015, the unemployment rate rose by 1,000,000 to 8.1%. Jobseekers living in the northern region, West Midlands, Ireland and southeast England have the highest unemployment rate. Advisably, the jobseekers’ adjusted labour shortages rate (adjusting for those outside of the big metropolitan areas) are highest in the school-leavers, results of the country’s strong economy, suggested that the economy had grown “in the faintest manner” since April.

There are still lessons to be learned, but it appears that the government has taken the emergency step of forming a new committee, namely the Workplacehire Select Committee, to look into these problems. If the recommendations of the Workplacehire Select Committee are implemented, then it is likely that unemployment in the country’s major cities will fall, and young people living in the country’s outback will experience a reduction in visa restrictions (essential control of immigration).

Let’s keep in mind that the purpose of the committee is to provide employment opportunities for the men and women who compose the bulk of the unemployed population. If you are seeking employment, there are a number of firms willing to give you job interview training and appropriate placements. Most importantly, my bid to you is this: when you secure a job, please consider building an engagement team. An engagement team is a group of people carefully selected and targeted to work in your company. Similar to demographic research, engagement teams spend time understanding and uncovering your most important challenges.

From this research, the engaged (aka your employees) come up with 13 categories/information, from communications, creativity, risk and safety to organization and behaviour. From these 13 categories, a set of potential employee successes is revealed. These 13 categories and in particular this set of employee successes form the basis of a tailored engagement strategy. Further challenges are identified, from low performance, relationship issues, soft skills and personal mastery.

NCAA simply outline these 13 categories and says nothing.NCFM does something better and takes it a step further. It takes 5 years, but finally arrives at a model where an employer gets 100% of the best from their recruits. NCFM is a major system change that shifted thinking in recruitment market awareness is a must and employer needs all the help they can get!

  1. Executive Headhunter
  2. Semiconductor Development
  3. Aircraft engineering
  4. Space research
  5. Chemical/ Petrochemical Industry
  6. Mining and Mineral Research
  7. Energy and utilities industry
  8. Agriculture and Horticulture
  9. Health care and social assistance
  10. Construction and Extraction
  11. Distribution and sales
  12. Manufacturing and engineering
  13. Secretarial
  14. Diagnostic and equipment industry
  15. Financial and Mortgage Industry
  16. Online poker and other casino games
  17. Domain names and hosting
  18. Programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Perl, Python and so on
  19. Data analysis and systems architecture
  20. Database management and support
  21. Business language for financial and legal matters
  22. Information Technology
  23. Internet development
  24. Software development and maintenance
  25. Software engineering
  26. Photographic and photography
  27. Business information systems