What is Manifestation Coaching?

What is manifestation coaching?

Source: www.lifecoach-directory.org.uk/blog/2021/07/25/what-is-manifestation-coaching/

What to expect from a manifestation coaching session?  The first thing you’ll do with your manifestation coach is discuss your goals or work with the coach to set new goals that you truly desire. These are the goals that align with your reason for being, that make you come alive and represent your higher purpose. Then you’ll look at the current state of play to determine why you feel these goals aren’t yet achievable. Lots of work in manifestation coaching sessions will be around identifying and reprogramming limiting beliefs that play a huge role in forming your barriers.

As the natural manifestation process, we all go through stems from our true beliefs, working on any unhealthy ones can be transformational. Mikki feels passionate about this part of the process, strongly advocating that you can be, do and have anything you want in life.

“During our sessions, I help you to establish this belief within yourself. I teach you how to release blocks around any subject, such as self-worth and money, how to set soul-aligned goals, reprogram your subconscious limiting beliefs, and strengthen your intuition.  Manifestation coaching can help you overcome self-doubt and self-sabotage and learn how to manifest with ease

Source: www.lifecoach-directory.org.uk/blog/2021/07/25/what-is-manifestation-coaching/